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JL Home Inspection

Number 1!  Whether you are a first time homebuyer or not, this is the guy you want inspecting your house. Jim helped us be comfortable with our decision on buying our first home. He is extremely thorough ( did not rush to just get it done), pointed out costly repairs,  safety issues, and stayed in contact with us after the inspection to answer any questions. We felt as if our family member or best friend had inspected the house. Great guy and trustworthy!

Rick G

Jim was very professional with our inspection. As a first time home buyer he was able to explain and answer all my questions. He really took his time inspecting the house-  and we were even a half hour late! Great job and highly recommended.

"Jim has an eye for every little detail. We've trusted him on two occasions to give us the cold, hard truth. He's also fast, getting the report back to us same day or within 24 hours. ."


I would give him 5 stars. Extremely friendly, I would say that he is very personable and seems almost like a family member helping you out.

Thank God for Jim !!! You just cannot go wrong with him whether you are an expert in the real estate market or a novice! Jim is everything he advertises and more. His integrity, attention to detail, dedication to his craft, and his spirit of excellence makes JL HOME INSPECTION the ONLY LOGICAL CHOICE for all of your property inspections. No matter if your are buying, selling, or inquiring for professional routine maintenance, JL HOME INSPECTION is certainly the way to go!


Beverly -- Chicago 

Jim from JL Home Inspection has done 4 inspections for me in the past year.  Because of Jim's amazing knowledge and detailed reports that accompanied each inspection, I chose to walk away from couple of contracts because I felt the houses required too many financial resources and those issues could not be resolved with the sellers.   Finally this month, I found a house that I purchased in great part because the inspection did not reveal costly issues that could not be resolved during the attorney review period.  During the times that Jim did the inspections for me I found him to be extremely knowledgeable, responsive, professional, and willing to explain issues found during each inspection process.  He never hurried.  Always taking his time to inspect every detail of the house. In the past, I have purchased couple of homes and dealt with home inspections, but never found an inspector like Jim.  He is the best there is!



Jim was the best. He handled my inspection like a pro. His report was incredibly detailed and proved to be accurate - I was really impressed. I have already recommended him.


 "My husband and I hired Jim to do a home inspection and we loved his quality of work. Our attorney even stated that he was impressed by Jim's work and that he had never seen an inspection report that was that thorough before. Jim even went to the extent of providing rough estimates of what it might cost me to do various important repairs that are needed. If I ever need another home inspection, you bet I'll be calling Jim. I will certainly recommend that others hire Jim for their home inspections. Thank you, Jim!


Jim came by yesterday to visit one of my potential investment properties and he was very professional. Although it was a very hot day yesterday (104 Degrees) and GOD knows how hot it was in the crawl space or attic. However he continued his inspection beyond our expectations. Also we got the report within the end of the Business day and by far very detailed report and pictures in his findings. We strongly recommend his service / plan and we are assure JIM is our go to Home Inspector.

Cheers Daniel

Jim, you are a prince, and a speedy one at that!!! Thank you so much for the very comprehensive report. Thom and I will definitely follow up with your recommendations....



 Dear Jim,

Thank you so much for your complete and professional home inspection report.  I am so very grateful to you for being available at a moments notice...this was very important as I was notified about the inspection just minutes before I called you...you are so good and so thorough I intend upon referring your services to everyone I know.
Thank you so very much, again.
Blessings,   Sharon


I want to thank you for all the time you spent with me and answering my questions on the home. I want to use your expertise again



 great job eagle eye! every one i speak with, puts you in high regard ,and you are clearly the best at what you do. In all actuality you do not need thermal imaging gadget you use, when you have the eagle eye

Great job there eagle eye! hope they credit us. Thanks

Hi Jim, Thank you for sending me the inspection and mold reports a few weeks ago.I have already started making changes based on your report (i.e already changed out the furnace) and wanted to thank you, for all the work and suggestions that you have made. Thank you,


Jim Langworthy has worked for me twice in the last six months. During this time he had helped me with mold issues within my own unit and I also recommended to my condo association that they use Jim's services because he was extremely helpful and professional. Jim has knowledge beyond most inspectors and he is also very courteous when dealing with you house. Jim was very easy to work with and his prices are very fair. Not only did he do his regular inspection of mold and mold issues within my unit, he had also found where and how most of these issues came from. I would recommend Jim for anyone who is looking for an inspector for your house or one you are about to buy. I wish I had used him before I purchased my current house. 

Thank you very much,      Jay

I am so thankful that I carefully researched home inspectors online before choosing who to hire.  Jim’s inspection work was very detailed and thorough.  Perhaps the best added value Jim provided though was the follow up recommendations for how I could best repair and remediate issues he uncovered.  I am very thankful for his service and would certainly use him again.


Thank you so much Jim!  Your report is so detailed...you truely do treat each home like it's your own.  The summary at the end of the report is great and all the photographs help out so much. 

Please give me a call when you find out the results of the mold report. 
I will definitely recommend you to family and friends!
I'll let you know if we have any questions.
Thanks again!

Great home inspection service, incredible attention to detail! 

We were in a process of buying a new house in Skokie and asked Jim from JL Home Inspection to take a look at it. He was very methodical and thorough - the inspection took 3 hours for a small 1-story ranch house! Jim studied every inch of house interior and exterior, explaining his findings to us in layman terms and gave us a lot of recommendations on updating the property. I would've never thought of a lot of issues that Jim has noticed. Now we have a complete understanding of what kind of house we are buying and what kind of money we will need to invest into it in the nearest future.

We'll definitely ask the seller to fix some of the major issues, thanks to Jim we are going to save a lot of money on repairs.

He even sent us the complete detailed report the same day.

Overall, excellent inspection! Thanks a lot, Jim! 


Jim was great! Any issues he came across he immediately told us about. Highly recommend him for others to use.



Extremely detailed inspection and comprehensive report. Home inspection was very thorough and inspector exhibits high level of patience, knowledge and professionalism.